Paperless Accounting in St. Catharines Increases CPA Efficiency

What ‘Paperless Accounting’ Says About an CPA Firm

Paperless accounting in St. Catharines is of course healthy for the environment. But it’s more. From a client’s perspective, it indicates a lot about a CPA firm’s efficiency and willingness to embrace change.

Digital documents are easier to store, manage and sort through. As a result, productivity is improved – as no one is heading off to the filing cabinet to hunt for a file or piece of paper (that likely is still in a pile on someone’s desk anyway).

Duplication of documents is reduced and focus increased – a desk covered in paper can be an impediment to clear thinking. And of course there’s the sheer expense of paper, with all the attendant copying costs. That can add up, especially for a small or medium sized firm – and those costs are inevitably passed along to clients.

But again, it’s what the lack of paper says about a firm that is also important. It says the firm is moving with the times. In particular in the area of taxation, the ability to keep up with a constantly shifting playing field is vital to the financial well-being of clients.

What to Look for in an Accounting Firm

The Greater Niagara area has a diverse economic base of small and large businesses, agriculture, and tourism-related service industries. The company whose services you engage should be able to satisfy the unique needs of your business – however big or small it is. Does the firm have expertise in your area?

Along with knowledge of your industry, that expertise should be present in the professional qualifications of the staff; the different licensing levels will indicate the range of experience of the staff as well as the fields in which they specialize.

A firm offering a team approach is probably of the most value to your business, in that it can offer in-house the varying skill sets you need. A large national firm would also have all those skills available too, but might give you the feeling that you are not the key to their success – and indeed may even contract out your work.

Referrals and word of mouth are often the best tactics for choosing a CPA firm. Find a business in your area with similar needs and ask them for a referral. Your accountant – whether he or she is advising you on tax or planning issues or any of the other areas of concern – is ultimately a trusted business advisor. That relationship is essential to your success.

Blogs Contain Up-to-Date Info on Tax Optimization

We talked earlier about what "going paperless” might suggest about an accounting firm in St. Catharines. Another indicator of a firm that is staying abreast of changing developments can be found on their website.

Jones & O’Connell LLP is a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants that serves the entire Niagara Region and beyond. The firm’s website includes blogs by the company’s partners.

A quick survey of topics is instructive and indicates the company’s desire to keep you abreast of changes in the financial landscape in this rather tumultuous time. Three of the paperless St Catharines accounting firm’s blogs specifically deal with current events: ‘The Tax Benefits of Working from Home’; ‘Ins and Outs of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)’; and ‘Changes to RRIF Withdrawal Requirement for 2020’.